When you have just enough money for your bills, how can you start saving?

When you don’t make all the money that you want to have everything you want, saving doesn’t sound like a fun idea. However, you know that for some of the things you want, like a house or a car, savings can really help make the dream of that happening a lot easier. First let’s talk about the why of savings. If you don’t have a “why” for saving you just won’t do it or keep it.

Potential Whys

  • Enables you to buy a higher priced item that is not in your normal monthly budget

  • Examples (house, car, furniture, quality clothing, presents, etc.)

  • Enables you to have funds for vacation, or big events like a wedding or moving

  • Enables you to have a buffer if you decide to pursue a different career, want to get more education, get laid off from your job and are pursuing the perfect job opportunity, you are moving and need to pay two rent payments

  • Enables you to help others in their time of need, when they are down on their luck

  • You like seeing a lot of money in your account

These are just some examples of whys. You come up with the ones that will motivate you, or at least feel exciting to you!

Now let’s talk about reasons you may not be saving currently and mental patterns that are limiting your overflow of money.

1. You like to live life to the fullest and are always looking for something to excite you.

  • a. This is our world now days. And marketing/ social media makes us feel this way. There is always something better that we can have, be or do. And most if not, all require some form of cash money.

  • b. You allow yourself to keep pursing the excitement high, or “keeping up with the Jones mindset” until all your funds are gone

2. You haven’t found the enjoyment of savings…

  • a. It’s just money sitting there…. It’s not giving me anything or doing anything for me in the moment.

  • b. You feel like money is a way to keep you happy and the joy that the things spending gives you outweighs the fact of having extra money

3. Saving Face or known as “Keeping up with the Jones”

  • a. You want to feel like you can do whatever you want, you want your friends to think you are cool and have this amazing life. Turning down an invitation is like death. Looking or feeling less than is also death.

  • b. This is all in your own head of course because no one really cares about what you are doing or if you do something or if you don’t. But we have been groomed from ancient times that we need to fit in with people for survival. And if we don’t get invited to that party or are not on that social chat, we feel excluded and feel like we will “die”.

4. The feeling of never having enough

  • a. This is similar to keeping up with the Jones, but it’s different in that this is how you are feeling internally, not how you look on the outside.

  • b. You purchase something and you feel like you have spent all your money. Your check comes in and almost all of it goes towards bills and instead of feeling grateful for the money that you have you, feel bad that there is not more and not extra

  •       i. That feeling right there is the main reason for your financial problems and lack of savings.

As much as I would like to give advice on techniques and tips on savings, none of them will fix the core problem which is the feeling of “not enough money for the life I want.”

The great thing is this mindset can be shifted! Wahoo! And to be honest the fact that you have found this article and are reading it means you have successful accomplished the first step which is recognizing the issue!!! So, let’s celebrate that!!!

Dance Party!!!

Come on now! Dance with me!!! :)

Ok, now that you have taken some time to celebrate that you have successfully completed the first step in how to have extra money for savings, let’s get into the work of shifting the current mindset of “not enough money for the life I want” to “I have more than enough money for the life I want”

The next step is where the work is and as your trainer, I am going to give you a workout plan, for your level. As you complete this workout you will move onto harder exercises that will get even better results. Now as most workout plans, it takes consistency to see results, and you won’t see them right away. You have to keep it up and focus on how good it feels. 3 months after you start you will see some significant results.

There will be days that you don’t want to do it and you think it’s stupid, but do it anyways, you will feel better after wards!

Workout plan for Shifting your mindset to “I have more than enough money for the life I want”. (this is the precursor plan to being able to save and having all the money you want)

This plan takes 30 min each day and there are no days off. (Yes, I know it’s serious, but we want results faster right? That’s why you are looking for answers right?)

The Plan

  • 1. Meditate 15 min (the focus is to practice clearing your mind and get good at it)

  • 2. Look at your bank account
    • a. Before you look at your bank account, try to remain calm and non judgey of your bank account. It’s good to do this after you mediate because your mind should be clearer. But let’s say the mediation session didn’t go well and your brain is a little anxious, take the time to recenter and try to remain calm for the 2 min it takes to check your bank account.

  • 3. Give gratitude for the money that you have in your bank account
    • a. Don’t just say the words, really try to find in your body the feeling of gratitude and then put that feeling of gratitude for the money that you have. (This may be hard at first, but keep doing it, it will get easier every day)

  • 4. Say to yourself every morning and night “I have more than enough money for the life I want”

  • 5. Every time, you spend any money give thanks for the money that you have.
    • a. Make it a ritual before you put your card in the reader you say thanks, or every time your press your pin number you say thank you 4 times.

  • 6. Before you spend, get to the real reason you are spending the money
    • a. I would say 90% of the time we spend money it is to make us happy or comfortable
    • b. If it is not a necessity is there a way you can feel the way you want to feel without spending money?
    • c. If the answer is yes, don’t spend the money and do the other option to feel the way you want to feel.
    •      i. This is resting your spending muscle (kinda like giving your spending muscle a massage)

  • 7. 5 min writing, the Prompt “What does having more than enough money feel like?”

  • 8. Take 3 min after your writing to feel those feelings.

There is your workout plan. As you can see you will not only be changing your mindset, but also changing some habits. The goal of this workout plan is to have you FEEL like you have more than enough money on a daily basis. The more you FEEL a certain way, the more that becomes your reality. Once the way you feel becomes more consistent the next steps will be the physical actions of saving, and a new workout plan will start.

To be honest, I would stay with this workout plan until the feeling of more than enough money is your natural state or when you do these exercises it is easy to shift into the feelings and you are able to do it instantaneously. If you are still struggling to feel a certain way, that is your work! 30 min every day. You can do it!!!

I now leave my wisdom and direction in your hands. Try it out! See how it works!

Usually, people start seeing some type of results after 2 weeks, then there is usually a relapse of some type or a plateau or where it doesn’t look like it is working, but if you can keep going through the plateau and keep the hope alive after 3 months you will see significant results and it will become part of your lifestyle and life!

My wish is for you to be in a better financial position than you were. I want you to be able to live the life that you truly want and we at 60monthloans, Inc. care about your financial future. Let us know if this mindset workout plan works for you! What are your challenges? What have been your successes?

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