Ways to make sure you are never fired or let go

Looking for a job can be a bit challenging. From preparing your resume to catch a potential employer's eye, to nailing the interview and landing the job. Once you get accepted for an open position at a job, you must then maintain a certain level of professionalism and work ethic in order to keep the job. The workplace is very competitive, so making sure you are doing the absolute best job you can is essential to keeping your job. Today, we will discuss ways to make sure you are never fired or let go.

The number one thing you can do to make sure you are never fired or let go is to always be punctual. You should always show up to work on time, in your proper uniform or dress attire, and be ready to work. If on the rare occasion you are running late, be sure to let your manager know as soon as possible that you are delayed. You can even go the extra mile and provide a valid reason for your tardiness. This builds trust with your employer, showing them that you are dedicated to your job.

Turning off your cell phone or at the very least putting your volume on silent is another thing you can do to make sure you are never fired or let go. These days, our cell phones are very disturbing and distracting. They make noise for just about everything, from phone calls and text messages, to emails and other app notifications. Turning your ringer off or powering down your phone all together while you're working can increase your productivity levels drastically since you will not be tempted to look at your phone if it’s not making any noise. This can also help your co-workers to focus better as well, resulting in the entire operation running more efficiently. If you do decide to leave your phone on silent, try not looking at it until you take a break. No one can tell what you are doing on your cell phone, so it is best practice to not even use it while you are working. Using your cell phone only while on break gives you the opportunity to feel satisfied because you are delaying the gratification of using your phone, and this can help you enjoy your break time even more.

You should always be professional and work hard. When we say professional, we are referring to respecting others, yourself and the workplace. You should always treat everyone at your workplace with respect and kindness. If you have issues with a fellow employee, try talking to them and working out the issue - maybe over lunch or a short break. If you can’t resolve the issue yourselves, it’s best to ask a manager to step in to assist to avoid any tension in the workplace. You should also show respect to yourself and to your employer by working hard and doing the very best that you can. Employers notice the workers that put in the extra effort compared to those who do the bare minimum. Try to do a little something extra when you can to show your appreciation, but do not expect anything in return. Think of it as an investment to keep your job. The more you water a plant, the more it will grow.

The last piece of advice we can give to make sure that you are never fired or let go, is to make yourself irreplaceable. There are a couple of ways to do this. 1. Do your job better than anyone else around you. The person who is the best is the least likely to be replaced. 2. Go above and beyond, find ways to improve your workplace or the business that you currently work in. If you can find ways to improve your businesses bottom line, (Make your company more money, or save on expenses) you will be irreplaceable. Make sure you are the one who gets credit for the new ideas. 3. Be the one who knows important information and the person people come to for answers. Of course you can teach your position and knowledge as you move up, but if you are the one, that if lost, the business will suffer, you will not be the one fired unless you do something terrible like stealing from the company.

Even if you are fired or let go, don’t let that get you down. That just means that there is something better for you out there, and do your best to go out and find that new opportunity, and don’t get bummed about the door that closed.

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